Our core businesses are integrally associated with Travel /Tourism.
However, we work to expand the scope of our businesses through working with
partners in associated industries, such as food and beverage,
studying abroad, overseas human resources, and BPO.

Global Business Network

A premium recruiting service specializing in non-Japanese nationals and those of the more experienced age group. Also conducting cultural exchange programs through the association with French cuisine. Supporting the development of human resources whose passion is to play an active role in making the world a smaller place, bringing joy, smiles and excitement to everyone of all nationalities.


A Study Aboard Agency providing reliable consulting services to help encourage people to study abroad in the UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Italy, Malta, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Philippines. Connecting and having contracts with more than 2,000 language schools and universities globally.



Enjoy “Pintxos” a specialty of the gastromic city of San Sebastian, and a variety of “Teppan Spanish skewers” as well as wines produced in Spain at our Spanish Bar located in Shibuya Sakura Stage.

luon luon

Luôn Luôn

This is an Asian dining restaurant in Meguro Gonnosukezaka where you can casually enjoy the local flavors of Thailand and Vietnam, including the signature menu, “roll-your-own spring rolls.”

Wendy Japan

Wendy Japan Co., Ltd.

We make travel arrangements for foreign tourists from all over the world, mainly from Southeast Asia and Europe. Taking advantage of our overseas offices, we also engage in area marketing business for inbound tourism by making use of local resources and characteristics.

Essential Partners Co., Ltd.

We outsource back office functions. Our experienced team members perform a wide range of tasks, including accounting, human resources, and general affairs, efficiently and reliably. With customized services tailored to client needs, we improve operational efficiency and reduce costs.