WORLD COMPASS Co., Ltd. (“We” or “WCC”) provides sales and operations travel product management and facilitation, marketing, and consulting services to our clients in the Japan market (our “Services”).
We recognize that any personal information or data that we collect directly or via third party agencies is critically important and private. The protection of customers’ privacy and data is our legal responsibility and in order to protect and manage personal information we comply appropriately with the Personal Data Protection Law and other relevant laws and regulations. We implement and adhere to our policies for “Protection of Personal Information” herewith (our “Privacy Policy” or “Policy”). 

  • We undertake only to collect and utilize personal information within the scope of the intended use and that this is clearly communicated to customers prior to collection. We will not disclose or provide the customers’ personal information to a third party, the only exception shall be in the case of us having obtained specific approval from the customer, or there is legal cause or obligations, including official requests from the police, taxation office, or authorized legal representatives.
  • We maintain strict protection protocols to prevent personal information from leakage, loss, damage, or falsification and undertake to manage personal information in a technically and administratively appropriate manner. In the unprecedented event of leakage, loss, damage or falsification of personal information, we undertake to inform the person concerned directly of any incident and risks and will take immediate and necessary countermeasures and corrective actions. 
  • We comply with Personal Data Protection Law and other relevant Japanese governing laws and regulations, as well as all guidelines issued by the government or other applicable standards concerning the management and protection of all personal data and information.
  • We undertake to respond swiftly and efficiently to all requests for disclosure of personal information and/or complaints with regards to the handling of personal information by the person concerned.
  • We consider that the use of our Services is acknowledgement of our Privacy Policy as posted at the time of engagement. Our Policy may be updated without advance notice as required to be consistent with changes and updates in any applicable information protection and privacy laws or regulations. The latest version amended and updated will be posted here. 

Established as of 01 April, 2017
Amended as of 01 October, 2020
Hayato Negoro, President and CCO

Handling of Personal Information by WCC

1. Collection of Personal Information

Personal information we collect from our customers may include: name, gender, age, date of birth, phone number, email and physical address, form of payment and card numbers, work or emergency contact information, and identification. Customers have the power to decide whether they provide their personal information to us or not. However, if the personal information is required to perform our contracts Services, we would not be able to offer our Services and fulfill requests.

We also collect personal information from visitors to our websites via online forms, of which fields may include: name, email address, contact number, and any other personal information you choose to provide.

2. Purpose of Use

We collect personal information from our customers for the provision of our Services, which may include:

  • Issuing airline/train tickets
  • Making accommodation/activity reservation
  • Travel documents application and arrangement
  • Communication
  • Direct marketing

We also collect personal information from our website visitors for the purposes of answering inquiries, providing communications, and marketing.

3. Provision of Personal Information

We will not disclose personal information of customers to third parties without the consent of the customer concerned, except the following cases:

  1. When the customer has given a prior consent to the disclosure 
  2. When complying with the laws or regulations 
  3. When the provision of personal information is necessary for the protection of human life, human health or property and when it is difficult to obtain the consent of the customer
  4. When the provision of personal information is necessary for enhancement of public health or promotion of sound growth of children and when it is difficult to obtain the consent of the customer
  5. When the provision of personal information is necessary for cooperating with a national institution, a local public entity or an individual entrusted by the institution or the entity in executing the operations legally prescribed and when it might affect the execution of the operations if obtaining the consent of the customer
  6. When entrusting handling of personal information to a third party partially or wholly to the extent necessary for the achievement of particular purpose of the use

4. Sharing of Personal Information

We may need to share personal information of customers with various third-parties including travel industry service providers and WCC group companies for arrangement of Services, sales and marketing activities, and in communicating and responding to customers. 
We are responsible for appropriate use of personal information by such parties and take necessary actions to supervise them.

5. Handling of Personal Information on Our Website

We may use cookies on our website to identify visitors and track their use of our website, to improve user experience, deliver contents specific to customer’s interests, and improve the whole website. 
Customers can reject the use of cookies by configuring their web browsers to block cookies. 

6. Request for Disclosure and Inquiries

Customers have the rights to request disclosure, correction, addition, cancellation, stopping the use, stopping the provision of a third party, or to make a request for notification of purpose of use of personal information. 
If customers wish to exercise any of these rights, or have inquiries on our Privacy Policy, please contact our Personal Information Inquiry Contact below. 

7. Contact

Our Personal Information Inquiry Contact:

Yuko Kobayashi (Ms.)
Phone: +81-3-6455-0230